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Adult ADHD: Are You An Idea Machine?

Possibilities are, if you have Adult ADHD, you’re an “idea machine”– you develop terrific new ideas all the time, possibly several in a day! Perfect for a Mexican restaurant Dallas.

Issue is, the concepts are typically unrelated to exactly what you already decided to deal with, therefore each originality ends up being a diversion that takes you further far from your larger objectives. What can a person with Adult ADHD and a lot of great ideas do?

I have Adult ADHD myself, and I have 10 terrific ideas a day, minimum, that are “million-dollar ideas.” How do I in fact carry out one of them and get something done? I do not want to simply stop having great ideas. I love thinking of new ideas. It’s one of the things I’m best at doing.

I say, “Okay, when I have a great concept, it’s my task to figure out how I can take exactly what’s truly fantastic about that concept, and apply it to what I’m working on– that is, working on ALREADY.” This is something everyone with Adult ADHD needs to train themselves to do.

Here’s how it works:

What happens if I have a fantastic concept about a dining establishment they should open up in my regional town? I know it would be a terrific idea.

Well, I do not truly want to open a dining establishment. I’ve operated in a lot of restaurants, and I understand that I don’t want to deal with the restaurant company. For one thing, it’s uninteresting, and monotony eliminates people with Adult ADHD. However still, it’s an excellent concept.

So what I say to myself is, “What’s so fantastic about this idea, and how can I apply the essence of what’s so fantastic about this idea to my Adult ADHD site?

Do you see how that works?

As individuals with Adult ADHD, we have the tendency to think in an all-or-nothing, black-or-white sort of method: “Do I follow the whole concept and go open a restaurant or not?”

What you truly desire to state, to make your Adult ADHD work for you, instead of against you is: “How can I use this fantastic new concept to the project I’m working on already?”

You train yourself to do this over time. When you’re conceptualizing with friends or organisation partners or whatever, you can even do it in discussions.

When random ideas come up, simply say, “Hey, that’s a really excellent idea. Exactly what makes that idea so good?

In the case of the restaurant idea, the initial idea was, “It would be terrific to have a Mexican Restaurant here since there isn’t really one in the area and everyone desires one.”

So, when I applied that concept to my current business, it became “What does everyone with Adult ADHD desire that isn’t really being offered to them?” If I can come up with that, then I’m all set.

The point is, if you can utilize your Adult ADHD to figure out the best ways to turn your ideas up and switch them around to be concentrated on your larger objectives, then you’re method ahead of people without Adult ADHD– due to the fact that you have about 5 excellent new innovative ideas a day!

Just imagine just how much development you will make if you apply them to your main task every day, instead of getting distracted … you’ll be a powerhouse!

To find out more about the best ways to turn your Adult ADHD interruptions into advantages, like how to utilize multi-sensory stimulation to focus in on your projects, just see below.

I do not want to just stop having great concepts. What takes place if I have a terrific idea about a dining establishment they should open up in my local town? I understand it would be a great concept. Still, it’s a terrific idea.

When random ideas come up, simply say, “Hey, that’s a truly great concept.

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