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Search engine guidelines do not stop with just bolding and titles. You have an extensive amount of optimization to perform even after this time-consuming task. Let’s go over a few additional optimization techniques that SEO Experts from To-the-TOP can automatically solve for you. I also encourage you to take a look at many top ranking websites and look for these methods being used. You will find that not a single web site skips over these fundamental practices. They are required if you plan to be a competitive web site on the big engines like Google.


Let’s continue to look at the high ranked website although you should take a look at many sites.

As you can see in this example when you highly any graphic on a website it will display image text. This text plays a factor in keyword density on most major engines. Proper optimization requires you to place these ALT tags on every image within your website. Not only must you place these alt tags but the words you use must also benefit your keyword density. You cannot just “throw” keywords into your tags or into your document randomly and without reason and logic. For example, as seen above: the alt tag to the “pre-qualify” button properly links to a website that has optimized keyword density content for the keyword phrase “pre-qualify for a home loan”. To optimize this by hand you not only must maintain the exact density of the page your working on but you may only use keywords that are properly optimized on the linking page. Of course, you could just dump keywords into your alt tags and hope for the best but to be #1 you must be the best and that is exactly what SEO Experts from To-the-TOP provide. SEO Experts from To-the-TOP can determine proper keyword density for not only the page it is optimizing but it takes into consideration the pages it is linking from. This makes SEO Experts from To-the-TOP an extremely powerful density optimization tool.

Not only do IMAGES must be optimized in this manner but links as well. Each link must have proper ALT tags in the same method.

SEO Professionals from To-the-TOP takes care of all of this for you. You do not do any of this by hand and SEO Experts from To-the-TOP uses its enhanced density engine to determine the best approach.

SEO Experts from To-the-TOP Will Optimize Title & Alt Tags:

  1. Images & Non Linking Images
  2. Text Links
  3. Table Titles (HTML Level)

Optimizing tags is an incredibly time-consuming task and it almost never turns out as planned. Making enough opportunity for keyword placement within a page without “spamming” is not an easy task. Don’t take the chance of your website being penalized for “keyword spamming”. Use SEO Experts from To-the-TOP and let it formulate the best place for keyword placement and protect every page from negative ranking.


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